2018 International Artists Competition

Announcement of the 2018 Bachauer Artists Competition Quarterfinalists!

The Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation is pleased to announce that 40 pianists from 17 countries have been selected as Quarterfinalists of the 2018 Gina Bachauer International Artists Piano Competition.

From an original pool of 215 applicants, 85 Official Competitors performed in the Preliminary Round, with each presenting a 30-minute program in one of four cities: Hamburg, Moscow, Hong Kong or New York City.

Now 40 competitors will continue the quest for $105,000 US in prizes and the opportunity to perform in the Final Round in Abravanel Hall with the Utah Symphony in two evenings of concerto performances.

Detailed competition schedule to be announced soon. But plan now to join us at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, June 11-19 for brilliant solo performances. Then don’t miss the thrilling conclusion: two evenings of concerto performances, June 22-23 at Abravanel Hall.

Tickets now on sale at ArtSaltLake.org or 801.355.ARTS.

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Congratulations to the 2018 Artists Competition Quarterfinalists! We look forward to hearing your performances in Salt Lake City in June!

KEVIN AHFAT Kevin Ahfat 23 Canada/USA
An-Tianxu Tianxu An 19 China
Andreatta-Stefano Stefano Andreatta 26 Italy
Belyavskiy-Sergey Sergey Belyavskiy 24 Russia
Chang-Sung Sung Chang 32 South Korea
Dominic-Cheli Dominic Cheli 24 USA
Scott-Cuellar Scott Cuellar 29 USA
Tatiana Dorokhova Tatiana Dorokhova 26 Russia
Feilmair-Florian Florian Feilmair 29 Austria
Mehdi Ghazi Mehdi Ghazi 29 Algeria/Canada
Grewe-Caterina Caterina Grewe 30 Germany
Han-Anna Anna Han 22 USA
Yilei-Hao Yilei Hao 21 China
Imada-Atushi Atsushi Imada 27 Japan
Ivanova-Dina Dina Ivanova 23 Russia
Jang-Seoyoung Seoyoung Jang 29 South Korea
Jurinic-Aljosha Alyosha Jurinic 29 Croatia
Kim-Saetbyeol Saetbyeol Kim 29 South Korea
Klimo-Peter Peter Klimo 27 USA
Kuznetsov-Artem Artem Kuznetsov 27 Russia
lopatynski-Roman Roman Lopatynskyi 24 Ukraine
An-Tianxu Mackenzie Alan Melemed 23 USA
Mustakimov-Timur Timur Mustakimov 30 Russia
Navarro-Priscila Priscila Navarro 24 Peru
Noh-Yejin Yejin Noh 31 South Korea
Orth-Kyle Kyle Orth 27 USA
ozel-evren Evren Ozel 19 USA
Park-Sun-A Sun-A Park 30 South Korea
Parkhomenko-Daria" Daria Parkhomenko 27 Russia
Piekut-Gustav Gustav Piekut 22 Denmark
selvik-marina Marina Kan Selvik 28 Norway
sham-aristo Aristo Sham 22 Hong Kong
shen-meng-sheng Meng-Sheng Shen 27 Taiwan
shin-changyong Changyong Shin 24 South Korea
shmukler-ilya Ilya Shmukler 23 Russia
hans h suh Hans H. Suh 28 South Korea
Hin-Yat Tsang Hin-Yat Tsang 25 Hong Kong
chun-wang Chun Wang 27 China
evan-wong Evan Wong 28 USA
denis-zhdanov Denis Zhdanov 29 Ukraine
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