Welcome to the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competitions

The Gina Bachauer International Piano Competitions have pioneered several procedures which have since been adopted by many other competitions. The Bachauer was the first competition to use a single elimination format. Instead of eliminating competitors after playing only once, all Bachauer competitors perform in two separate rounds. And, as there are no requirements of repertory, competitors are free to display their artistry and virtuosity.

The Gina Bachauer International Artists Competition’s reputation of discovering tomorrow’s classical superstars has made it truly one of the world’s most prestigious venues for pianists. Every Bachauer Competition recognizes pianists who go onto successful worldwide touring and recording careers.

The Gina Bachauer International Piano Competitions are divided into three categories based on age. Each age group plays in its own, separate competition. The three competitions are part of a four-year cycle of events which occur during the month of June.

Upcoming Competitions

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Junior & Young Artists Competition
Ages 11-14 and 15-18
2016 | 2020

International Artists Competition
Ages 19-32
2018 | 2022