Past Competitions

In total, more than 1,000 pianists from 40 countries have competed in the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competitions, and cash prizes totaling more than $400,000 have been awarded.


Gold Medalist, Andrey Gugnin, Russia
Silver Medalist, Chi Ho Han, Korea
Bronze Medalist, Artem Yasynskyy, Ukraine

Gold Medalist, Lukas Geniusas, Russia
Silver Medalist, Serhiy Salov, Ukraine
Bronze Medalist, Dmitri Levkovich, Ukraine
Fourth Prize, Yunjie Chen, China
Fifth Prize, Kotaro Fukuma, Japan
Sixth Prize, Zhang Zuo, China

Gold Medalist, Stephen Beus, USA
Silver Medalist, Takashi Yamamoto, Japan
Bronze Medalist, Vadym Kholodenko, Ukraine
Fourth Prize, Hinrich Alpers, Germany
Fifth Prize, Jue Wang, China
Sixth Prize, Ka-ling Colleen Lee, Hong Kong

Gold Medalist, Cedric Pescia, Switzerland
Silver Medalist, Vassily Primakov, Russia
Bronze Medalist, Lev Vinocour, Russia/Germany
Fourth Prize, Nicolas Stavy, France
Fifth Prize, Hea Jung Cho, South Korea
Sixth Prize, Albert Mamriev, Israel

Gold Medalist, Lori Sims, USA
Silver Medalist, Luiza Borac, Romania
Bronze Medalist, Eugene Mursky, Uzbekistan
Fourth Prize, Marko Martin, Estonia
Fifth Prize, Ju-Ying Song, USA
Sixth Prize, Sean Botkin, USA

Gold Medalist, Nicholas Angelich, USA
Silver Medalist, Dmitrij Teterin, Russia
Bronze Medalist, Filippo Gamba, Italy
Fourth Prize, George Vatchnadze, Republic of Georgia
Fifth Prize, Pasquale Iannone, Italy
Sixth Prize, Giampaolo Stuani, Italy

Gold Medalist, Gail Niwa, USA
Silver Medalist, Armen Babakhanian, Armenia
Bronze Medalist, Ilya Itin, Russia/USA
Fourth Prize, Violetta Egorova, Russia
Fifth Prize, Ruei Bin Chen, Taiwan/Austria
Sixth Prize, Mehmet Okonsar, Turkey/Belgium

Gold Medalist, Xiang-dong Kong, China
Silver Medalist, Alan Chow, USA
Bronze Medalist, Eckart Heiligers, Germany
Fourth Prize, Joachim Arnold, Germany
Fifth Prize, Kevin Kenner, USA
Sixth Prize, James E.K. Parker, Canada

Gold Medalist, Alec Chien, China/USA
Silver Medalist, Thomas Duis, Germany
Bronze Medalist, Benedetto Lupo, Italy
Fourth Prize, Jose Ramos-Santana, Puerto Rico/USA
Fifth Prize, Frederick Weldy, USA
Sixth Prize, Evelyne Brancart, Belgium/USA

Gold Medalist, David Buechner, USA
Silver Medalist, Jon Klibonoff, USA
Bronze Medalist, Rolf Plagge, Germany
Fourth Prize, Angela Cheng, China/Canada
Fifth Prize, Yuval Fichman, Israel/Canada
Sixth Prize, Liora Ziv-Li, Israel/Great Britain

Gold Medalist, Michael Gurt, USA
Silver Medalist, Diana Kacso, Brazil/USA
Bronze Medalist, Alexander Kuzmin, Russia/USA
Fourth Prize, Timothy Smith, USA
Fifth Prize, Sayuri Iida, Japan
Sixth Prize, Boris Slutzky, Russia/USA

Gold Medalist, Duane Hulbert, USA
Silver Medalist, James Barbagallo, USA
Bronze Medalist, Marco Antonio Almeida, Brazil

Gold Medalist, Panayis Lyras, USA
Silver Medalist, Marc Silverman, USA
Bronze Medalist, Gregory Allen, USA

Gold Medalist, Arthur Greene, USA
Silver Medalist, Edward Newman, USA
Bronze Medalist, Steven Mayer, USA

Gold Medalist, Christopher Giles, USA
Silver Medalist, Jeffrey Shumway, USA
Bronze Medalist, Marilyn Collard, USA

Gold Medalist, Douglas Humpherys, USA
Silver Medalist, Christopher Giles, USA
Bronze Medalist, Andrew Willis, USA
Fourth Prize, Del Parkinson, USA


First Prize, Leonardo Colafelice, Italy
Second Prize, Bolai Cao, China
Third Prize, Aimi Kobayashi, Japan
Fourth Prize, Jung Eun Kim, Korea
Fifth Prize, Mackenzie Melemed, USA
Sixth Prize, Fantee Jones, USA

First Prize, Si Jing Ye, China
Second Prize, Kenric Tam, USA
Third Prize, Jonathan Floril , Spain
Fourth Prize, Hin Yat Mozar Tsang, China
Fifth Prize, Nansong Huang, China
Sixth Prize, Beatrice Rana, Italy

First Prize, Kuok-Wai Lio, Hong Kong
Second Prize, Lukas Geniusas, Russia/Lithuania
Third Prize, Christina Naughton, USA
Fourth Prize, Zou Zhang, China
Fifth Prize, Alessandro Deljavan, Italy
Sixth Prize, Hitomi Maeyama, Japan

First Prize, Kyu-Yeon Kim, Korea
Second Prize, Alex McDonald, USA
Third Prize, Hong Xu, China
Fourth Prize, Xin Jia, China
Fifth Prize, Jun Asai, USA
Sixth Prize, Tzu-Yi Chen, Taiwan

First Prize, Yundi Li, China
Second Prize, Colleen Ka Ling Lee, China
Third Prize, Yurino Izumi, Japan
Fourth Prize, Marko Pavlovich, Yugoslavia
Fifth Prize, Yuliang Tu, China
Sixth Prize, Akari Okada, Japan


First Prize, Ryota Yamazaki, Japan
Second Prize, Tony Yike Yang, China/Canada
Third Prize, Xingyu Lu, China
Fourth Prize, Muzi Zhao, China
Fifth Prize, Pavel Verkhaturov, Russia
Sixth Prize, Allison To, USA

First Prize, China Toa Aristo Sham, Hong Kong
Second Prize, George Li, USA
Third Prize, Anna Han,USA
Fourth Prize, Yi Jia Wang, China
Fifth Prize, Jan Lisiecki, Canada
Sixth Prize, Qi Xu, China

First Prize, Rachel Cheung, Hong Kong
Second Prize, SiJing Ye, China
Third Prize, Hyun Jung Kim, Korea
Fourth Prize, Qizhen He, China
Fifth Prize, Karsten Gimre, USA
Sixth Prize, Sara Vujadinovic, Serbia

First Prize, Zuo Zhang, China
Second Prize, Nareh Arghamanyan, Armenia
Third Prize, Pauline Yang, USA
Fourth Prize, Kuntaro Deguchi, Japan
Fifth Prize, Sun-a Park, USA
Sixth Prize, Oleysa Vyshnevskaya, Ukraine

Level I
First Prize, Dustin Gledhill, USA
Second Prize, Fazliddin Husanov, Uzbekistan
Third Prize, Andrew Chau-Le, Vietnam/USA
Fourth Prize, Yurino Izumi, Japan
Fifth Prize, Tomomi Okumura, Japan
Sixth Prize, Kotaro Fukuma, Japan

Level I
First Prize, Stephen Beus, USA
Second Prize, Erika Numamitsu, Japan
Third Prize, Jonathan Coombs, USA
Level II
First Prize, Wing Chom Kam, Hong Kong
Second Prize, Catherine Brower, USA
Third Prize, Jenny Naylor, USA

Level I
First Prize, Colleen Lee, Hong Kong
Second Prize, Monica Ohuchi, USA
Third Prize, Daniela Bracchi, USA
Level II
First Prize, Bo Pang, China
Second Prize, Daniel Waiman, Israel
Third Prize, Aaron McClaskey, USA

Level I
First Prize, Jennifer Aikele, USA
Second Prize, Wei Wei Mao, China
Third Prize, Wei Le, China
Level II
First Prize, Tamami Honma, USA
Second Prize, Jonathan Chiu, USA
Third Prize, Elaine Kim, USA

Level I (Ages 8-12)
First Prize, Kathryn Ede, USA
Second Prize, Janae Codner, USA
Third Prize, Tanya Bannister, Hong Kong
Level II
First Prize, Eugene Watanabe, USA
Second Prize, Christie Peery, USA
Third Prize, Alexander Yau, USA